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Russia Overtakes Saudi Arabia As World's Biggest Oil Producer - Washingtons Blog

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Russia Overtakes Saudi Arabia As World's Biggest Oil Producer

Russia has now surpassed Saudi Arabia as the world's biggest oil producer.

This is obviously important both economically and geopolitically. America's close ally in the Middle East has now been surpassed by the former US enemy, one of the BRIC countries.


  1. More importantly will Russia demand us dollars for oil, or something else?Russia knows all too well how destabilized the US has become. At the g20 this weekend Russia said it did not matter to them how they priced their oil. Take this to mean they would love to stick it to the us, but not if it means war.

  2. they are awaiting the right time, when the US starts to fall apart

  3. Actually the currency isn't all that important. What this means is increased output beyond the artificial limits imposed by the oil cartel, OPEC. Increased output means lower price per barrel. Which isn't as much a problem for the OPEC-countries as the lack of control. Had the US been an oil producer of independent significance we might even see a price war on oil. Now it's more likely to lead to some sort of OPEC-Russia collusion.

    Which is to say that the OPEC countries will begin to realize that dancing to the zionist-US world politics tune might not be the most attractive option to them.

    As for oil-price sensitivity, luckily the US has very little industry except for the massively gas-guzzling and omnipresent military, which the rest of the world would live quite happily without.

    So, now the hawks in the US/zionist "administration" are rushing to put on so-called anti-terror wars in order to close or control the pipelines from Russia to the rest of the world. Hoping that this will keep the OPEC states nicely in their leash.

    Well, let's just say that there are more versions of a new world order than the US/zionist dream.


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