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Friday, September 25, 2009

THIS Is How a Congressman Does His Job

Watch Alan Grayson question the general counsel for the Federal Reserve:


  1. Grayson had this pogue stammering all over himself. Interesting that the Fed's general counsel stated that the Fed is a private entity and therefore not subject to GAO.

  2. Grayson is a moron. What kind of question is "manipulate". Ask specific questions, and stop playing to the camera. At the end nothing was accomplished except seeing a lawyer squirm. Bread & Circus.

  3. After the G20, it looks to me like the grass roots movement to audit the FED (started by Ron Paul) is now playing into the hands of those pushing a New World Order. The globalist want to replace the FED with their new system, giving the IMF or IBS the power to create a new fiat currency for America.

    After doing a quick search, I found this from one year ago:

    Bank of International Settlement wants to Audit the Federal Reserve...This is the Rothschild Global Banking Machine. According to George Green, Bush is reported to have given them the OK for the audit of the Fed., after he leaves office.

  4. What a waste of taxpayer money. Grayson doesn't know how to interrogate his witnesses, he knows what kinds of answers he's going to get, anyway.

    Better that he try to organize a more comprehensive investigation. The crisis isn't going anywhere and if he starts now, something useful might well be accomplished.

  5. i thought he was great. the lawyer knew what was asked of him. the lawyer has a hard time answering for the simple reason he was trying not to divulge anything he shouldnt. and those questions related directly to that!

    thumbs up for alan grayson.

  6. Anonymous said.. What kind of question is manipulate???? Anonymous please look the word up in your nearest dictionary after that please look through ur nearest Thesaurus for usage context of word.
    "As far at the end nothing was accomplished except seeing a lawyer squirm..." I beg to differ ,It is a beginning. There were a few very pertinent questions answered,and many more which should have been answered unanswered.The fact that the lawyer squirmed at all is in it self very telling. Mr Grayson many of us out here thank -U for speaking and asking these questions and George..Great find!


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