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BP Controlling University Research, and Professor Who Downplayed Oil Spill Called a "Shill" By Fellow Professor - Washingtons Blog

Friday, November 19, 2010

BP Controlling University Research, and Professor Who Downplayed Oil Spill Called a "Shill" By Fellow Professor

LSU professor and oil spill expert Ed Overton has been all over the news saying that fears of the BP oil spill were overblown.

But as Raw Story reports, Overton has been a lead NOAA consultant for decades, and a fellow LSU professor calls him a "shill":

Overton’s prominent position as the chief chemist and principal architect of NOAA’s Hazardous Materials Response Division dating back to the early eighties, along with his tendency to provide rosier-than-average assessments of the effects of the Gulf oil spill since the catastrophe began –- opinions often in line with those of BP, NOAA and other federal officials –- have raised questions about the omission of his contracting work and the scientific objectivity of his public statements.

Additionally, as professor emeritus, Overton confirmed to Raw Story that he officially retired from LSU and no longer receives a salary from the university; all his income tied to his university association since May 2009 has come through grants and contracts, and mostly through his work for NOAA. The latest NOAA funding for his work was a $1.3 million five-year grant.


A fellow senior sciences professor at Overton’s own LSU, also noted that Overton “does not appear to be an unbiased source of information” and found it laughable that the head of NOAA’s chemical hazard assessment team is purporting to provide public comments as an “independent scientist.”

The LSU professor, who spoke with Raw Story on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation by the university, explained, “The issue is that everybody who is involved in investigating this event and its effects needs to be upfront and honest about the sources of funding that they receive.”


I think that Dr. Overton comes across as being an industry shill,” the professor offered bluntly. “He has never said anything that was not in favor of what the industry was saying and continued to minimize the effects from day one about how bad this spill and its effects would be.”

Raw Story also notes that BP is controlling what LSU researches:

Raw Story also found that, while all studies performed by the university will be scientifically peer-reviewed, BP decides what areas LSU will research.


  1. A college professor, -a shill?

    Such a rarefied -jaded- is bordering on some sort dizzying anti-social-treason.

    Education is more important than motherhood.

    Education will make everyone rich, -or at least- that's the theory!

    You are rich, aren't you?

  2. The Frontline/ProPublica BP investigation is extremely important and really should be read/watched by everyone:



  3. Winston was the star character in the book 1984 and worked at the Ministry of Info to Erase History When It Collided with Official Government Direction.

    Rothschilds control Universities for this reason for profit. But biggest rewrite of history ever was WWII.

    Rothschild Bankers funded WW II Germans and Allied Bankers via B.I.S. in Basel Switzerland transferring funds the entire war between Nazi Deutch Bank and UK Bank of England extending it.

    War could have ended 1-2 years but Germans Printed Debt Free Currency and Tossed Rothschild Bankers out of Germany so they firebombed all Germans and never bombed factories to extend war 5 years to kill all Germans so no more "Banking Problem Children" left living.

    Read Old book With The New Financial Way to rid parasite Interest Banking here:


  4. Most interesting particularly in light of the Nov 16, 2010 FSU Scientists meeting that I just attended at the Sierra Club in St. Pete. Fl.

    Dr. Ernst B. Peebles seemed to be the least interested in actively pursuing obvious leads and repeatedly parroted industry status quo jargon "the microbes are eating it" and "the correxit is just a tiny fraction" etc.

    There was also mention of $500,000,000 given to them by BP to study the effects of BPs oil spill, and neither the Sierra Club nor the FSU professors would even consider allying themselves with the medical community studying the oil spills effects on human health.



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