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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Technical Issues

Readers have asked me several technical questions recently about Washington's Blog.

One asked if I had intentionally programmed it so that people could only print the first page of a post. I didn't, and don't know how to fix that.

Another asked:

Hey, I have a question for you. I would LOVE to post your blog posts on Facebook (and often have). But when I do, the post itself isn't revealed, just the homepage, and it gives no indication of what the particular entry is about. Which makes is far less attractive to someone to click on it. I was wondering if there was a way you or whoever does your website to fix that. I hope that makes sense!

Sorry, I don't understand your question. Even if I did, I'm not tech-savvy enough to do so.
A third asked me to set up a Twitter feed. I'm not sure if you mean on my website, or on Twitter.

And many readers have kindly attempted to donate through PayPal, but PayPal has rejected the payment. This is a problem with PayPal, which they promised to correct last week. They still haven't. As soon as PayPal fixes it, I'll let you know.


  1. Well, for one - posting your blog post's on Facebook is quite easy.

    Step 1: Copy the link into your Facebook 'status' 'link' option.

    Step 2: Hit "attach"

    Step 3: Put your cursor over the bold "headline" of the link, it should turn yellow. Click once. That will allow you to "edit" the headline so you can insert Washington's Blog's headline, such as "Technical Issues".

    Step 4: Put your cursor over the 'description' portion of the link, it should turn yellow. Click once. You will then be able to edit that portion too.

    Step 5: Click "Share", and now your Facebook friends will be able to see the title and a brief description of the blog post you'd like to share.

    Maybe that helped?

  2. I had a bit of a play with printing - very odd. It's almost certainly because when you click on a link it redirects to and wraps the real content inside a frame.

    If you change the hostname to and link to the content directly, then printing works ok, and I presume that would also fix facebook (but that does it's own stuff too from memory).

    e.g. for this post, clicking on the link goes here:

    but the real content is here:

    And from that link printing works.

    You can also get around it in printing options - mucking about with the frame stuff but that's trickier.

    Twatter is just another separate blog-like service that is a cross between a public chat and a blog system and a phone sms. Not sure it would fit with your long posts - messages are limited to 140 characters.

  3. I have a problem with the feed. This seems to be the only blog (at both addresses) that does not seem to have a feed, whatever it is, so your posts' snippets do not show up in my blogroll, only a generic link. Similarly I can follow you in Google Reader but not in my Blogger Dashboard page. It's probably a matter to be fixed by merely selecting the convenient option in the proper menu. And it's probably the same problem affecting Facebook.

    I'm not too tech savvy either, so I can't help anymore.

  4. I have been using google reader to pull you in with NO issues for months on end. Love ya. and I did donate to paypal last night to you - and it glitched abit in the front end but seemed to go through in the end - so I THINK it worked. ifnot I want to know-and I'l go check my paypal to confirm.
    as to posting you anywhere - easy peasy - copy the link/URL from the post I want (click on the post so it is the one thing inthe page) then paste it wherever - and presto - there you are on my fb or wherever.

    People heving trouble with the feed; go hook in through the reader app at google and that is no issue anymore - and you can copy and paste the posts to distribute (with all info/credits links instact to the source) through your reader acct version - never had any issues there.

    as ever - keep it up - you are a wealth of resource, knowledge and real.

    So glad you are here. :)


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