Congratulations, America. Torture Has Led You On a Wild Goose Chase, Destroyed the Rule of Law and Made You Less Safe → Washingtons Blog
Congratulations, America. Torture Has Led You On a Wild Goose Chase, Destroyed the Rule of Law and Made You Less Safe - Washingtons Blog

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Congratulations, America. Torture Has Led You On a Wild Goose Chase, Destroyed the Rule of Law and Made You Less Safe

There are numerous headlines this week about torture:

But these headlines make no sense unless they are put in context and given historical background:

  • Everyone claiming waterboarding is not torture has changed their tune as soon as they were exposed to even a small dose of it themselves. See this, this and this


  1. Great fight you are putting up on Zero Hedge thread on this posting.

    Off topic:

    I just finished Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice and Gone with the Wind. I will never read another page by Jane.
    Whereas the slaves in Gone with the Wind are important and well-rounded characters, the non-well-to-do in Jane are not.
    Gone with the Wind is like Colleen Mccullough's Roman history novels. They are books to be reread, enjoyed, and learned from.

  2. Vicente Fox once proclaimed that “GW Bush is the most arrogant S.O.B that I have ever met”.

    Bush mocks the American people with “They hate us because of our Freedom and Democracy” He. He.

    “Damn right” I authorized waterboarding. Waterboarding is legal “because the lawyer said it was legal”. Ha. Ha.

    Bush was referring to Dr. Yoo and Alberto Gonzales’s legal opinions that authorized Torture. They walk around free from prosecution today.

    Bush, go ahead and flaunt your outright criminality as head of the New World Order Bankster and Big Oil crime family you arrogant SOB. You know we can’t bring you to Justice today. He. He.

    Just how safe is your bankster assets that once was the economic base of manufacturing and technology in the United States that you moved to Communist China? Ha. Ha.

    Will your criminal organization be able to corrupt the integrity of the Chinese Communist Party like you corrupted and destroyed our American Democracy, Independence and Freedom?

    Granted, the Communist Party organization structure is ideal N.W.O corporate structure for the World Banksters and (no technology advancement) Big Oil.

    Bush would love to be Free to rule the world from the boardroom, and basically, that is what the Communist do so well sans Democracy and Freedom.

    The New World Order corporate structure will be the same as the Communist Corporate structure; Totalitarian rule from the boardroom.

  3. Hey, I have a question for you. I would LOVE to post your blog posts on Facebook (and often have). But when I do, the post itself isn't revealed, just the homepage, and it gives no indication of what the particular entry is about. Which makes is far less attractive to someone to click on it. I was wondering if there was a way you or whoever does your website to fix that. I hope that makes sense!

  4. A reporter on NPR Monday (?) eve, in doing a story on the failure to hold anybody accountable for the destruction of the CIA torture tapes, repeatedly referred to torture of detainees as "tough questioning". She even went so far as to say that detainees were injured and that some died as a result of "tough questioning". Maybe, a theoretical somebody with a very weak heart might die from 'tough questioning' -- but multiple detainees were killed, so the truth is, these detainees were tortured to death. Even though she admitted that detainees had died, not once did she use the accurate words to describe events. I would expect this out of Faux News; I was horrified to hear it out of NPR, arguably one of the last few news outlets from whom one might expect objectivity. Why? So we don't have to face who we are now, thanks to George Bush? Because somebody is handling NPR reporters to the point of dictating terminology? She went on to repeat what the main player in the tape's destruction had to say about his client: "X is a patriot. He would never break the law". Wow. Well I guess that settles it then.

  5. I wonder if George W. Bush would support a law suit seeking to exonerate those Japanese who were convicted and jailed for inflicting water tortures on US captives?


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