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Thursday, November 11, 2010

BP Oil Slams Florida

Florida has been hit with huge amounts of oil from the BP oil spill:

In related news from the past 3 days:

Headlines courtesy of Florida Oil Spill Law.


  1. Thank you for your ongoing coverage as well as for your call for organized resistance to the ongoing pillaging of our country.

    See the WSJ today (11/12/2010) p. c7 "'Mortality Swaps' Coming Alive" for a disturbing new development:
    "Under the swap, Goldman Sachs Int. will receive payments from the SPV if the policyholders die sooner than actuarial assumptions suggest they should, from a pandemic for example."

    A pandemic like the Gulf blue flu, for example?

  2. Majia:

    "See the WSJ today (11/12/2010) p. c7 "'Mortality Swaps' Coming Alive" for a disturbing new development:"

    Hmmm - yep - Goldman must be expecting a huge part of the population to die.


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