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Has the Dollar ALREADY Lost Its Status As World Reserve Currency? - Washingtons Blog

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Has the Dollar ALREADY Lost Its Status As World Reserve Currency?

These are headlines from the past 2 days:

It's not yet clear whether the Renminbi, gold, SDR, Bancor or something else will eventually take the throne of the new world's reserve currency. See this and this.

And many settlements are still, obviously, being made in dollars.

But there is at least an argument that the dollar has already lost its status as world reserve currency, even if there is no ready replacement to jump into the breach.


  1. Does anyone for one second think the price of gold has been held down? Apparently.

    The powers-that-be do not drive a commodity price up without some idea of dumping a pile of it onto the marketplace and making a killing.

    People never learn from their fool mistakes.

    Buy gold. Buy gold and throw your dollars in the river!

    Doesn't anyone remember how many people walked to Alaska and ran to California for gold?

    Gimmie a break.

  2. Who knows how high gold will go; look how crazy the high tech internet stocks went in the 90s! That was crazy. What if ALL those dollars out there in the world started to come home? I'm certainly not picking a top in the gold market! I'll give back a lot of profit before I get out, but I'm not picking the top! However, if you think you can, have at it.

  3. It is no coincidence that the US dollar is collapsing just after the elite used the 9-11-2001 inside job to take away basic constitutional protections. It is obvious that this economic depression was planned and the rise of the police state was also planned to keep the American people docile for the looting by the bankers and the elite. It is sad that the US troops still think that they are fighting for ‘freedom” when they are really just tools of the empire.


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