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Monday, July 18, 2011

Financial and Energy Widgets

Washington's Blog is pleased to announce some useful widgets, created by - and co-branded with - OilPrice:

Post 'em on your website, share 'em, spread 'em around.

Download the widgets below.

Notes: The data comes from official sources. If you like official sources, you should trust the data. If you are skeptical of official sources, act accordingly.

As for the carbon counter, global warming activists will find it interesting and global warming skeptics will find it a waste of space (or an indication of available food for plants and forests). I am not pushing one view or the other, but seeking common ground. Moreover, given that there is some evidence for the role of cosmic radiation in cloud formation, and the inverse relationship between the solar wind and the amount of cosmic radiation hitting the Earth's atmosphere, a cosmic radiation or solar win widget would be interesting as well (if anyone knows where to get real-time data for cosmic radiation or solar output, I'll create a widget).

Download your favorite widgets:


  1. Tres cool but am I missing something? The figure for 'alternative energy production 2011' seems to be the same as 'world energy consumption 2011'.

  2. Should add the students debt to the us debt widget, because it's bigger than the credit debt.

  3. Thank you, I plan to use them.

    Here is a return gift for a laugh.


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