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Monday, July 25, 2011

Requesting Web and SEO Help

I'd like to redesign the site so that it has different news categories, like the mainstream media sites do.

I'd also like some SEO help to increase traffic.

Any help greatly appreciated ... We'll give you credit, recognition and links.


  1. I'm not sure I can help you out on this endeavor. However, I would just like to say that I think it's a great idea! You have some of the most informative articles and analysis on the net and it's sometimes difficult locating old ones via date of post, or trying to remember the heading of the piece of-by-heart. Good luck redesigning the site and I'm sure you'll eventually get the web traffic you truly deserve!

  2. I do not know too much but I do know that I can't get your feed either at Blogger Dashboard or at my blog's blogroll. I told you that before.

    This is the same for either of your two blog addresses.

    I can still get feed at Google Reader.

    My guess is that you need to go to Design:Settings and do the following:

    - Add your blog to our listings? YES
    - Let search engines find your blog? YES, YES, YES!

    Then go to Design:Feed and:
    - Allow blog feeds? Select either FULL, SHORT or UNTIL JUMP BREAK (but NONE will cut your feed, as I think is the case now).

    Not sure if the Feed Burner option can cause you trouble or what. That's all I think I know.

  3. I can definitely help!

  4. Hey Washington,
    I'd recommend you get a web host and use wordpress, which has plenty of themes of all flavours and is very well designed for SEO etc.

    Would be a good step in the right direction and it's very easy to use! If you need any help with setup, I'll gladly assist.

  5. Hey George,

    Give me a call. I would be glad to help. I would recommend you move to WordPress from blogger but even if you still want to stay with Blogger I can give you several suggestions.

    send me your phone number by submitting an anonymous tip on my blog. The response page also has my phone number.

    Alexander Higgins

  6. I just Googled:

    Requesting Web and SEO Help

    This post was the number one search result.
    SEO seems pretty good to me for same day results.

    I agree with the hosted Wordpress recommendations though. From my limited experience, and from what I've read recently with respect to Wordpress vs. Concrete, it seems that Wordpress is currently the best choice for SEO - and there are some nice looking Wordpress sites out there with the pages, categories, and tags I think you are looking for.


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