Bank Of America "Is Insolvent", Will be "Broken Up" → Washingtons Blog
Bank Of America "Is Insolvent", Will be "Broken Up" - Washingtons Blog

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bank Of America "Is Insolvent", Will be "Broken Up"

Mike "Mish" Shedlock has batted 100% - for the time I've been reading his blog - in calling companies insolvent months or years before it becomes public knowledge.

Mish is now saying "Bank of America Is Insolvent".

And analyst Billings is saying that Bank of America will be "Broken Up"

Hold on to your hats, folks . . .


  1. I wonder why Bank of America needs more money from the US Treasury when the FED would loan them potentially unlimited amounts?

  2. Mish?? Come on he is a joke. He only knows what he reads. Why is everyone with a blog who steals views of others an expert? Mike Stathis has been saying Bank of America has been insolvent since early last year. check this piece on Mish

    Stick to a man


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