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Kucinich: "Federal Reserve No More Federal Than Federal Express!" - Washingtons Blog

Friday, January 9, 2009

Kucinich: "Federal Reserve No More Federal Than Federal Express!"

In the best line today, Dennis Kucinich says "Federal Reserve no more federal than Federal Express!":


  1. Looks like Dennis finally watched Zietgiest the movie. That is a classic line, but more important it is true. as long as private banks control the money supply, manipulate markets, set interest rates and have the keys to the US treasury to bail themselves out at will, we will all suffer. There is no better time than now to put an end to the Federal Reserve Banking system. Clearly it is a failure ran by the greedy.

  2. I trust Kucinich. I know he looks goofy but from his past actions, I think he has the American pubic's interests at heart.

    When he was the mayor of Cleveland, OH, he refused to sell the public utilities when everyone else including the citizens were clamoring for him to sell it. In the end, he was vindicated as other cities find themselves at the mercy of private utilities.

  3. Kucinich is the man. Few others in our Capital tell it like it is.

    Perhaps America is waking up.?

    This is nice:



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