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Investment Advice | 1-12-09 - Washingtons Blog

Monday, January 12, 2009

Investment Advice | 1-12-09

Here's a round up of what investment advisors are saying today:

  • Marc Faber: As summarized by Yves Smith, "Faber concedes an equity rally is still possible, which he thinks would lead to a reversal in gold, which he argues would make for a buying opportunity. In general he prefers the risk/reward ratio in commodities to that of stocks. He also recommends selective buying of Asian equities, with the caveat that prices could fall further in 2009"
  • Meryl Witmer likes Kaiser Aluminum, Allegheny Energy, Assurant, and Discover Financial Services
  • Fred Hickey likes Microsoft, Cadence, Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF, Agnico-Eagle Mines, PowerShares DB Agriculture Fund, and iShares Trust FTSE-Xinhua China 25 Index Fund
If you hear of any investment advice which you think is good, please post a comment. This roundup may be updated periodically, so keep checking back.

I am not commenting on who - if anyone - I think is right and who I think is wrong, but only summarizing what some of the top advisors are saying. In addition, you should check the links to make sure that the information contained herein is accurate, and to read any price or timing recommendations (concerning when to buy, sell, or short) of the advisors.

I am not an investment advisor and this should not be taken as investment advice.

1 comment:

  1. I predict that the US debt ceiling limit will rise from the current 11.3 trillion to 15 trillion dollars in 2009.

    The CIA Factbook lists the US as the 27th nation in the world in debt to GDP ratio based on 2007 figures. If we add 3.7 trillion to pay for the deficit, the stimulus, the mortgage and TARP bailouts, the US debt will equal our GDP and make the US number 8. When we add 4.7 trillion dollars in debt, we will pass Egypt and Sudan on the list of debtor nations.

    At the current rate of growth in debt, we will pass Zimbabwe and attain the distinction of being the number one debtor nation in the world.

    On my blog I also predict gold will reach $1,300 in 2009. We shall see.

    How can deflationists expect lower prices when the FED, the Congress and two Presidents are adding so much debt to the system?


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