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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Net Neutrality Bill Passes

Net neutrality provisions were snuck into the bill signed by Congress today releasing the last $350 billion of the Tarp bailout money.

The $350 billion will probably do about as much good as the first $350 (in other words, none), but - instead of rum and wooden arrow regulations - at least we got something useful this time in the form of net neutrality.

Lobbyists and attorneys will no doubt attempt to create loopholes in the net neutrality bill, and the fight to keep the net free is probably just beginning. But it is an important victory, nonetheless.


  1. This unnecessary government regulation would discourage investments in broadband networks because it would give government control over them and limit the ability of Internet network retailers, such as cable, wireless, satellite and telephone companies to provide the highest quality and lowest price services to their customers.

  2. @disinter:
    Yeah, I remember reading that in 2006.

    The issue is not about "highest quality" or "lowest prices," it's about censorship.

    Figure it out, moo-moo.

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