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Merrill Lynch's Chief Economist: We're Already In a Depression - Washingtons Blog

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Merrill Lynch's Chief Economist: We're Already In a Depression

Merrill Lynch's chief economist for North America, David Rosenberg, writes in an economic commentary entitled "Some Inconvenient Truths" that we are probably already in a depression:

We are likely enduring a depression today

As for depressions, there is no official definition, except to say that they have existed in the past. There were no fewer than four in the nineteenth century, one in the twentieth century, and we are very likely enduring another one today.

As I have previously written, just like it took many months for the officials and talking heads to admit that we were in a recession - and in fact had been for a long time - it will take a while before the government admits that we are already in a depression.


  1. There is no doubt in my mind we are in a depression, right now. You won't realize that if you only look at government numbers. For a better picture look at the alternate data pages of Shadow State

    I've been talking depression for awhile on my blog

  2. I'm certainly depressed, economically. Cashed in what's left of my retirement plan..penalties? sure. But I'll get it all back (the penalties, not what was stolen in the stock market) when i file my taxes using write-offs that i've created out of thin air. The banks can do it..why not. ;)


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