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Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Bees, Now Birds

First the frogs started disappearing.

Then the bees started disappearing.

Now, its birds. According to CBC, tens of millions of birds are disappearing across North America.

According to the Seattle Times:

Pelicans suffering from a mysterious malady are crashing into cars and boats, wandering along roadways and turning up dead by the hundreds across the West Coast, from southern Oregon to Baja California, Mexico, bird-rescue workers say.

Frogs and bees are so different from people that they are easier to ignore. But birds are larger, more complicated, warm-blooded animals, and thus closer to us biologically.

People will be in real trouble unless we figure out why the amphibians, bees and birds are dying.


  1. With the disappearance of frogs and bees we are perhaps seeing the distant future for humans as well. The birds now dieing are a continued reminder of how fragile our existence here on Earth is. There have been reported bat populations dieing out too.

    It is time for us to get out and appreciate this planet and all the other life forms that inhabit it. My hope is that we will wake up to this looming planet wide extinction of species before it happens to us.

  2. A friend once told me that most of the extinct animals became so due to a 2% adjustment in their habitat. Don't know if that's accurate but it somehow rings true.

  3. Two theories come to mind. GMO foods. Affecting Frogs who live off Insects and the waterway pesticides they live in. Bee's coming up with Colon Cancer, much like the human who ingest those "foods". Birds being the next on the list.

    However, Aluminum and Barium are being sprayed alot in the air recently. You can see the tankers spraying most cities every day. (Contrails that don't go away) These affect immune systems and cause alzheimers in humans. No doubt it would affect a bird first.

  4. Interestingly, frogs are thriving on the Big Island of Hawaii where I am currently vacationing.
    Granted, they are an invasive species with few predators. But during the past few years, when frogs elsewhere have died off, the Coqui Frog has thrived here.
    It is also interesting to note, that aside from a small seed corn crop in the northern part of the island, there are virtually no Monsanto type franken-foods grown here.

  5. Sparrows are now on the endangered specis list in the UK. They used to be the most common bird in the UK, probably the world.

    A few years ago, they put out 600 bird nesting boxes around London. After year 1, only 2% of boxes were used. The following year was a bit higher. WHat they did find, was the sparrow chicks were starving to death.

    The demise of the sparrow has coincided with the proliferation of mobile phone masts.

    In the Scientific evidence section in the Stewart Report (an UK Government investigation into the effects of mobile phones and masts), in tests done on rats, the rats had a significant increase in still born, birth defects, birth rate. Rats that had been taught to get food if they did a certain task, forgot what they had learnt.
    Insects and other animals were also detrimentally affected, including changes to DNA.

    The incidence of birth defects in Humans has also gone through the roof.

    Do a test for yourself; Place a small coctail sausage roll in the microwave. Heat at full power for 20 seconds. Then remove from the oven. It is cool to touch on the outside.. When you bite it.. you burn your mouth.
    The microwave heats the solid, more dense matter in the meat, more than the lese dense/liquid composition of the surrounding pastry.

    Apply the same theory to your head, a birds egg, a bird, an animal, bees, bats, insects and other micro organisms.

  6. Ah well...when the river quits, she quits.

    When the bee quits, she quits.

    Go bees and long live Nasrallah and the resistance to Israeli domination.

  7. The reason is the proliferation of EM radiation.


    there is a whole lot of other stuff on my site - look under CCD or use search engine. There is an enormous amount of scientific work dating back several decades. Oh, you must also read R.O. Becker's book Electromagnetism and Life:

    I hope GW can bring more impetus to this crucial issue- I'm pretty much on my own on this at the moment.

    Colin Buchanan

    Glasgow, Scotland

  8. In the 1950's China had a campaign called "Away with all pests!" They tried to get rid of flies, rodents, and birds, because those pests were spreading disease and destroying crops. However, the destruction of birds was so successful that the number of insects increased, as did the crop losses (and I guess the diseases too?).

  9. Here's an interesting study on the effect of EM radiation on the behaviour of storks:

  10. This is kind of normal for the way we treat our environment. The bald eagle was endangered but they are returning finally. Birds are pretty sensitive to any ecological change frought upon them. Somebody said pollution, flying over a polluted city and got completely lost and disoriented.

  11. Frogs are particularly sensitive to environmental changes because they are amphibians. And they need proper aquatic environments for key parts of their life cycle.

    Coqui frogs are thriving because the environment has changed so that the native species no longer adapted. Invasive species thrive in disturbed environments. In Pacific Northwest, the climate is heaven for a variety of pests. Japanese knotweed is puny in Japan but in PNW parks allow pesticides because that's the only way to get rid of them. They grow like wild fire and they are more than 5 ft tall.

  12. I can see the "round-up ready" crops putting a dent in the populations. I remember the guy who led the flock of birds with an ultra-light to their winter homes. The reason they couldn't get there was the cell phone towers and their signals. I can see this effecting the bats and bees as well. Perhaps the frogs too? Their species communication is through resonance, and perhaps our "clogging the air waves" could be contributing to their disappearance.

  13. And the pelicans! Maybe the ringing in their ears is knocking them off-center.

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