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Cheney Defending Torture is Like Charles Manson Defending Murder - Washingtons Blog

Friday, May 22, 2009

Cheney Defending Torture is Like Charles Manson Defending Murder

Cheney was the main architect of the torture policy (according to the number 2 man at the State Department and others).

So of course he would defend torture - he's trying to keep his behind out of the defense chair at a war crimes tribunal.

Cheney defending torture is exactly like Charles Manson appearing on all of the news shows defending murder as a public policy.


  1. Oh good. Glad to see you recognize the evil of torture. I was kind of thinking that it would be "messy" to prosecute a past President for things like this. So, even though I thought it was wrong... I wasn't so sure about prosecuting it. I told others, "I will not oppose you politically if you call for prosecution." I've changed my mind. I'm joining them in calling for prosecution. I want Bush and Cheney tried, convicted, and sentenced for torturing prisoners. What they have done is that serious. Furthermore, they have done worse, imo. But they could and should be prosecuted for torturing prisoners. I hope and pray the people prosecute. (But Obama probably will not prosecute them. He's not one of "us" as "we the people". He's more one of "them", imo.)

  2. What the hell does "Cheney" have to do with anything?
    I think we should put "Cheney",and "Knute Gingrich" on a Slow Boat to China.
    I also think "Geithner" should be dangled overboard to atract fish....Real Big Fish!
    I also think it`s about time we talked to the employee`s that work for our eninies.The people that are more interested in making a dollar than they are saving their country.


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