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Is Everyone In Washington Being Blackmailed? - Washingtons Blog

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Is Everyone In Washington Being Blackmailed?

Obama's Attorney General - Eric Holder - approved "extraordinary renditions" during the Clinton presidency.

And so now Republicans are blackmailing Holder, saying they will focus the spotlight on his role in approving renditions if Holder pulls back the cover too far on torture under the Bush administration.


  1. I'm currently reading JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters by James Douglass. After understanding what happened in 1963, this blackmail attempt is simply par for the course. It has been a long time since our government even pretended to respond to the people or respect the law and there is no reason to think that is going to change any time soon.

  2. They're all USer boss class or flunkies of US boss class . . . so of course they're all guilty. They're evil.

  3. OF COURSE THEY ARE!!!! Thats why there will be NO attacks on illegal offshore accounts. Why Israel/AIPAC must not only 'approve' candidates before elections but once elected the 'candidate' must clear everything through his/her Israeli/MOSSAD handlers.Why the Symington Ammendment prohibiting 'foreign aid' to rogue nuclear nation's is ignored. Why Madoff is sitting quietly in his cell while all the billions disappear deeper. Why the bank run on 9/11/2008 orchestrated from Israel and almost crashing the entire system has been kept quiet. Why 'AIPACJaneHarmon' will face NO charges for her selling out to foreign intelligence like Billary did to China and is sucking up to Israel. Why the FED RESERVE is above the law. Why the 'Urban Movers'/MOSSAD agents caught filming the 9/11 disaster were released even after the depth of their complicity was uncovered and then quickly hidden under 'national security'/classified. How many other nation's governments are full of dual citizen Israeli-X nationals? We are continually fed lies and threats and being legislated into a totalitarian police state all the while being spied upon and being labelled 'enemies of the state'. I wonder which 'state'- USA or Usrael?

  4. Every single one of the miserable crank suckers and white owl biters are compromised to beat the band, and cowed down and blackmailed. that's one reason, and the second, they're all bought off and in the pockets of corporate amerika, that's why they fuck us all in the ass without even the obligatory vaseline with diamond grit in it to smooth the shafting. this nation is governed by the most corrupt filth that ever walked, and the only thing that perhaps is on par with them is the crap you clean out of your toilet bowl that growls at you as you scrub it. That's amerika, folks!

  5. This explains why there is no accountability for anything. Did you think that all the wiretaps and eavesdropping were confined to "terrorists". The whole shebang is rotten to the core.

  6. Anonymous said...

    OF COURSE THEY ARE!!!! Thats why there will be NO attacks on... etc

    What are you smoking dude?

  7. The solution is simple:


  8. Puts the Pelosi thing in an interesting light. I didn't know she was on the Intelligence Committee. Somewhere in a story about Harmon, I read that ALL the intelligence members had been spied on. So, fast forward to 2006 when Reid and Pelosi waltz out of a meeting with Bush at the WH and say, "Impeachment is off the table." Hmmm.

  9. While Anonymous doesn't do any favours by being anonymous or by tone to someone who isn't immersed in ongoing revelations which expose constant lying...there are plenty of reasons to think a not-too-fantastical explanation tracks better than our daily bullshit.
    I have this under 'Overton Window' on my Links page at Opit's LinkFest! It sure gives the tool of logic 'Occam's Razor' a good workout !


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