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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Use Parody To Wake the Sleeping Masses

Because some people are too stubborn or too stuck in dysfunctional thinking patterns to hear the truth even when it hits them over the head, I suggest that we try a different approach: parody.

When a comic, like Stephen Colbert, does satire -- an exaggeration of what's being said -- it can wake us up, so that we can see the truth and laugh at how we've been acting. That can give us the freedom to stop doing the same dumb thing and to try something new.

So put satirical slogans on stickers, emails and freeway blogs to snap people out of their coma, like (by way of example only):

The Only Way to Get Money Into the Hand of the Little Guy is To Give It To the Biggest Corporations!

The Golden Rule Is To Torture Others, Right?

Don't Reign In the Financial Giants . . . They've Done A Great Job of Stabilizing the Economy!

Be Very Afraid, But Don't Ask Questions . . . The Government Will Protect You If You're Good Little Boys and Girls

Everything Is Fine With the Economy . . . and Santa Claus is Real

Detaining People Forever Without a Trial Is The Way To Protect Our System of Justice

Obama Appointed The People Who Got Us Into The Economic Crisis to the Top Economic Posts ... Because They Know What They're Doing

In Order to Protect Our American Values, We Have to Become Worse Than Our Enemies and Throw Away Our American Values

The Government is Giving Trillions of Our Taxpayer Dollars to Giant Corporations . . . But Only a Traitor Would Ask Where That Money is Going

The Government Lied About Iraq, The Government Lied To You About Torture The Government Would NEVER Lie To You

Torture Protects Us By Making the Whole World Love and Respect Us

Obama Is Bringing Change By Doing The Same Old Things

The 9/11 Commission Said the Government Lied About What Happened . . . They Must Be Conspiracy Theorists!

The Constitution is a Banned Document, Don't Read It

The Founding Fathers Were Terrorists, Don't Listen to Them
Good luck waking people up . . . and have some fun doing it.

If you think of good parody statements, share it with others by posting a comment.


  1. So far left I must be right.

  2. Obama's Trickledown Economics: Bailouts flow to Wall Street Big Bank Execs. Piss on the little guys on Main Street.

  3. Obama's Endgame - My plan is to make global elite bankster's dreams, and conspiracy theories, come true!!

  4. Laughter is the best medicine.

    I find joking about how the NWO effects their life is the way to wake people up.

  5. Good posts about communicating ideas, but just so your aware about the government plan that's actually called endgame.

    google Endgame and Peter Dale Scott. (sorry to be a bit of a buzz kill)


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