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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Is the Stock Market Gamed?

Judge for yourself.


  1. Oh no. Can't be. Why, if that were true - our Government wouldn't be HONEST. Why, that would be, well, corrupt. Hey, did you see how the FDIC stepped in for JP Morgan (David Rockefeller major stockholder, I think)... and rigged a deal for them to "buy" Washington Mutual?? Yeah, JP Morgan wanted to buy Washington Mutual - WAMU said the price was too low... then these "strange things" happened in the market with some short selling... these rumors started to fly... and even though WAMU was in a solvent position... the FDIC jumped on in... dealt with JP Morgan... and "facilitated" them "buying" Washington Mutual for... REAL cheap?? Yeah, that helped JP Morgan quite a bit on their balance sheet for the year. Washington Mutual really got strongarmed by the government into a forced sale. But the FDIC would NEVER do anything unethical. Why, powerbrokers don't use the government unethically. Oh no. We should just blindly trust our government. Cuz, you know, they're just so honest.

    Well, we should blindly trust the military, the government, and banks. Maybe we should just all turn in our guns now. They so have our best interests at heart.

  2. It's as though the levered ETF's don't exist! Most folks have NO IDEA that these funds have to trade to even up the book at the end of the day. But rather than anaylze what's directly in front of their noses, it's far easier to say it's a conspiracy and blame the malign force of government.

  3. This is not new. I've an old friend, a gold bug & investor from way, way back, and he has pointed out over the years when this was the only explanation of what was happening.

  4. We all know the government is gaming the market. The big question to me is why don't they use this money to short for instance oil futures. There is no logical explanation for the rise in oil prices this past few weeks , supply is up, demand is down it should be impossible for oil to rise. Now I know it's easy for them to say that they are betting on a recovery this fall( do you believe that) I have a bridge for sale, cheap!Ships are being used as tank farms there is no place to store it ashore.


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