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Friday, May 29, 2009

The Socratic Method of 9/11 Truth

An ancient philosopher discovered that his students learned more if he asked a series of questions than if he gave them the answers.

By asking questions which challenged his students' faulty beliefs, and allowing them to think through it themselves, Socrates moved them slowly - using a series of questions - from false thinking towards truth.

Indeed, law schools today primarily use this "Socratic Method" of teaching.

A 9/11 activist wrote a good example of the use of the Socratic Method for 9/11 truth in an email:

Here is a question I use as answer to those insisting this is all "Conspiracy theory". I mention this here because it has worked every time: Please feel free to use these ideas as your own and pass them on to others! When people say that it's all "Conspiracy theory", I ask them:

"If YOU were President of the United States of America, and had to go to war for the most legitimate of reasons, wouldn't you be pacing the floor and sweating, with tears in your innermost heart, thinking it over for a number of sleepless nights before you sent our soldiers to harm's way? Could YOU send our kids to war for lies, yourself?"

The answer is a stony-faced "no" every time when I ask the last question.

"Therefore, if Bush sent our soldiers to war based on a lie, why would he NOT do such a thing as pre-arrange the 911 events? How can we put this past him?"

I point out that it's not ordinary and normal psychology at work, that murderers lack empathy and remorse for their victims, as is known in mainstream psychology. There is a technical term for it, called "Antisocial Personality Disorder".

I ask them to think about it as a possibility when he sent our kids to war for a lie, surely he could fit into that category of murderer without regret? Something to think about at least. Denial is dangerous, often leading addicts to their graves, as well as those of us addicted to our blissfully care-free existence.

It's asking these particular questions, not making statements, that I have seen work every time. I have used [this Socratic Method of 9/11 Truth] even at the grocery check-out counter at Safeway.
Post your suggestions for 9/11 truth questions below.

RL McGee has these two:

"Was al-Qaeda behind the anthrax attacks?"

"Is there hard evidence linking bin Laden to 9/11?"

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  1. While I don't know what the truth is about any of this (I'm very open to the "conspiracy theory idea, but am not going to claim I have any clue as to what the truth is), that's a pretty weak line of arguing - it amounts to: "Well he did this, so what isn't he capable of?" He sent people to war based on a lie - how can we say that he didn't also eat babies?

  2. is there evidence of bush -- or anyone in the bush administration -- eating babies?

  3. is there evidence of bush -- or anyone in the bush administration -- eating babies?

    at the VERY MINIMUM there is substantial evidence for foreknowledge of the attacks however, and that is tantamount to treason.

  4. anonymouse, I don't have evidence of eating babies. But I do have evidence of him engaging in rituals involving climbing into a coffin naked; also, bonding by sharing his sexual history, etc. as he joined the "Brotherhood of Death" known as "Skull and Bones".

    Skull and Bones members do a ritual where they pretend to slash the throat of a human sacrifice. (It gets even more strange.)

    I do also have evidence that he has participated in a group which either simulates, or actually performs, the sacrifice of children to Molech (representing Satan per occultist) in occult druid worship.

    I'm sorry, but I think George Bush (and most of the people in leadership) are FREAKS.

    Capable of lying about 9/11?? Ya betcha. And the evidence - as I've seen the 9/11 evidence -- proves it. Why would we think those who are enmeshed in lifetime affiliation through satanic rituals - where they glorify death and murder - wouldn't have "Anti Social Personality Disorder"?? I think they have disorders, myself, and would do about anything for power. Just an opinion - based on facts from my own pov. (I tend to trust satanists less than I trust so-called "terrorists"). :)

  5. I don't find it the least bit difficult to believe that the shrub had foreknowledge of 9/11, I don't even find it odd that he probably did have a hand in ti. Why? Its called Patterns and Consequences, people. Its really not that complicated. If our soldiers were in Vietnam doing horrific things like the My Lai masscre, remember that one? How about Tiger Force? Surely you remember those nice chaps? The rogue army boys, conveniently "gone crazy" by the war, poor fellas. Anyways, they were found to be carrying body arts around their jewelery. ears, noses, bits of flesh, and of course they hadn't bathed in weeks, and only God knows what they were eating, but He ain't saying. So after that and oh, lets see, lets jump forward about 10 years to the other side of the world in El Salvador during the 1980's. When we were down there "advising" The death squads were out of control, no rules at all, every man for himself. Based on these two examples alone, years apart, yes I totally believe that our soldiers have "progressed" to turture and rape. Without a doubt. And if this puts our troops in danger....well thems the breaks, its called a fucking consequence!!!!! If you don't want to be put in harms way...then don't provoke it.....DUH!! But we think that we are americans so manifest destiny is ours. Fuck you, america. Your insane babblings of this and that have become BORING to the rest of us. You'veheard the saying "these colors don't run"?? That may be true...but they do fade away. Nothing you can do about that.

  6. The more pedestrian explanation is that the govt. was incompetent in not catching on to the 9-11 plot.

    Bush Jr. then used the tragedy to finish up the work of the father in Iraq, which also works as revenge due to the fact that Saddam tried to have Bush Sr. killed.

    My life experience is that the very large lies as you are proposing find their way out to general knowledge quite soon.

    People "in the know" are every bit as ignorant as everyone else, often because their preconceived notions blinds them to the correct interpretation of a better factset. Was there ever a more blinkered set of eyes in power than the Bush Jr. administration? That group only got a reason for being in power AFTER 9-11 happened; they were rudderless before. To think they could have cooked up 9-11 as a plot is FOOLISH.

  7. I do not know about eating Babies but Bush and them are guilty of the lie that killed babies.
    personally I cannot see much of a difference except in degrees which sometimes matter in somethings but in this case do not. need to see the proof? Google -Iraq babies die from war and read.

  8. Is there any evidence of Bush -- or anyone in the Bush Administration -- NOT eating babies?

    Because I just heard that they ass-rape children with phosphorous sticks, and that there's video.

  9. maybe Bush and them did not cook up the 9/11 plot- it is my understanding the plot for something like this was already cooked up by others before them and they just implemented it and added a few things.


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