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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Print-Friendly Articles

You can now print articles from this website in a very print-friendly format.

Printing in Firefox gives you an extra benefit: the links are automatically shown in parentheses next to the linked words themselves. For example, instead of seeing this:

This has been confirmed.

You would see this:

This has been confirmed (

So people looking at a printed out version would see the link refers to an article on CNN.

Give it a spin. For example, go to a link-intensive article such as Top Interrogation Experts Agree: Torture Doesn't Work, and print it out in Firefox.

This is a great resource for handing out print copies of roundups of vital information.

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  1. too bad it wants to print the ads. Would be cool to have your stuff available in a book- chapters by subjects? Or in pamphlet form- like Chick tracts! Books starting from blogs is a growing phenom, i.e. Anonymous Lawyer and Pets Who Want to Kill Themselves

  2. Yes, I don't know how to stop printing ads.


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