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Friday, May 29, 2009

I Love My Wife

My wife doesn't read my blog, so much as weigh it by the pound.

Specifically, she basically scans it to see how much I write ... If I write a lot in a given week, she reminds me of my family obligations.

(She, like me, is very busy with her day job - and we're busy raising kids. As anyone with busy jobs and family situations knows, fighting for liberty, truth and justice and keeping your life in balance is tough).

I've been writing so much about serious stuff like torture, the economy, etc. I just wanted to give a shout out to my wife, and tell her I love her.


  1. Have faith Georage, my wife and I just celebrated our 50th anniversary. Yep that's fifty years of being married to a work alcoholic. Started with 11 years of submarine duty gone at least 6 months a year to as many as 300 days in a year. To working rotating shift work, building houses, building web sites, writing blogs. She always supported my crazy schemes and even worse careers. Oh yeah on top of the above 17 years in the Navy Reserves.

    We have started a business together, cared for her ageing parents, cared for straying kids, shared my bypass operation at age 50, shared four major back surgeries for her plus a few other major operatons

    And we never had a major fight! Ok , that's a lie.

  2. Thanks, Grey Tiger. I appreciate your comment.

    If I could just clone myself . . .

  3. This a great blog. I really appreciate your posts. I thank your wife for giving you the time to post.

  4. GW your blog is so good, one of the best sources of 9/11 info and thought, I finally put the rss feed right next to my BBC news last night. I suppose you could have your website cloned (mirrored) or otherwise allow others to use it on their sites (with your permission). Today is my wedding anniversary; and, your blog entry today fits with that. Time syncronicity - interesting stuff. Like when I flew in to New York 9/10/2001 at night after being out of the country many years. So maybe I need to say something... my wife is Korean. The international group that did 9/11 is powerful in the South Korean government too... most likely. Probably in many governments. The past S Korean President was probably killed rather than suicide. His guard, the only witness, was new the day prior. His stories of what happened had a number of different versions. A hiker spoke with him at one point - the guards story to the public does not fit with the hiker's account. The police won't release certain video tapes. His suicide note was written after he committed suicide. Etc. - on and on. That's what I heard. But like 9/11, information like that comes out early --- I remember in NYC everyone was talking about bombs in buildings for several days after 9/11 --- then gets completely buried by the media. I don't pretend to know this South Korean story too well; but, it is very interesting. We're dealing with a very powerful organization. Just think of all the gold stolen from the towers and insider trading and the millions of dollars of oil sneaking out of Iraq on a monthly basis, etc. A very powerful group. Evil.

  5. hello friend .. When you see the blog, I feel still need a lot of learning to make a good article. I am still a beginner, so I need a friend for communication. Hopefully you do not mind to be my friend.

  6. GW-- I can relate to you very much, though my wife doesn't even bother to read my blog. Either way, the balance is very hard.

  7. George, your effort and that of your wife is very important to the truth movement. I also run a truth blog and have similar issues with my wife, but she understands. We all must spare some of our time to awakening the world, because the corrupt enemy has been working overtime for 2000 years and have done a great job of dividing and conquering. Your efforts are very important to counter evils efforts. We must unite the masses with the truth!

    Keep up the fantastic work George... and Mrs George, Thank you from us all.

    Dylan Eleven
    Dedicated to the truth

  8. I am SO johnny-come-lately. I just came across your blog...and then this post. Thought I'd throw my two cents. As a gal journalist/editor/wife balance is indeed the word. But if it cannot be time, at least use the time you DO have to laugh, joke... make it quality. For people committed to truth, sometimes spouses just have to understand that it is a part of YOU, and learn to accept you for that. Great blog.


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