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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

America - Like Iran - Has Been Run By Religious Fanatics

Yesterday, I showed that Iran and the U.S. are not really that different when it comes to police suppression of human rights.

But - you might say - Iran is totally different from the U.S. because it is run by a bunch of religious fanatics.

Yes, that's true. The Mullahs are religious fanatics. Indeed, most of the people of Iran hate the heavy-handed influence of the Mullahs on their country.

But America's war in Iraq is also a crusade. And torture is largely driven by Christian fundamentalism (see this, this and this).

Indeed, much of America's policy in the middle east is largely driven by Christian zionism and Jewish zionism.

America's religious fundamentalism happens to be Judeo-Christian, and Iran's Islamic. But fanaticism is the same no matter what you call it.

Psychiatrist and Christian writer M. Scott Peck said there are 4 stages of spiritual belief people go through. Fundamentalism is only stage 2.

In stage 3, people become skeptical of religious dogma. In stage 4, people retain their skepticism, but also allow themselves to feel a sense of awe at the universe.

I am not in any way anti-spirituality. I am simply pointing out that both Iran and America have largely been run by stage 2 fundamentalists.

And I know many Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists who are very smart, open-minded people. So Peck's four stages aren't based on what people call themselves, they are based on what is going on inside people's heads and hearts.


  1. The Iraq war was about oil, instigated by Cheney, who just used W. and the fundies to suit his purpose.

    Obomba always sounds good. His "speech to the Muslim world" espoused stage 4 type values.

    But his actions belie him. Pak/Afghanistan cannot turn out well.

  2. Yes we have been hijacked by religion-I feel we have always been hijacked by Priests or Rabbi's or whoever is the head of teaching folks in a culture about the God /Gods/etc. This has happened throughout time- It is time for people to stop thinking that because someone claims they have Gods Ear does not mean that they do nor does it mean that because they are elected "leaders" (and I use the term loosely) does not mean they can do the job.We have been betrayed by the very ones that were supposed to teach us-Learn 4 urself -and take all that they say with a grain of salt till they prove they are worth believing -Trust is a Earned right re-won daily and not a automatic given no matter how great their PR people make them sound.

  3. Hi

    Thanks for the insightful post and I agree with most of the things that you say. Religious fundamentalism is a dangerous thing to behold and the masses are powerless to stop the leaders.

    I encourage people and their aim to achieve a greater democracy in Iran, however, Mousavi is being used as a tool by powerful interests within Iran, and there is appearing a rift between groups within the religious establishment.

    Please take a look at the following article on global research for some essential information in understanding the situation better.

  4. I've been reading this blog for quite some time. In particular I've appreciated the research posted re. 911 truth and continuity of government.

    However I completely disagree with this post re. "Fundamentalism" controlling the USA. This is absurd for a number of reasons:
    1.) George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are not Christian fundamentalists. You will never find either man claiming to be a fundamentalist and any Christian Fundamentalist scholar will proclaim that neither Bush nor Cheney can be legitimately identified with Biblical Fundamentalism. Three examples should suffice - (1) W. as well as his father have been associated with Bohemian Grove. The Grove is designed for pagan worship of Moloch and involves male prostitution. (2) Both W. and his father were members of Skull and Bones at Yale. Skull and Bones is an occult secret society. (3) Not only is Dick Cheney's daughter an open lesbian but Dick himself has recently endorsed the legalization of homosexual marriage.
    2.) There is no change in US foreign policy under Barack Obama. If anything Obama's foreign policy is more militant as he has expanded ground forces in Afghanistan and is also expanding the destabilization of Pakistan.
    3.) To quote M. Scott Peck as an authority on Fundamentalism is beyond irresponsible. Peck was a New Ager who denied all orthodox Christian doctrines. See the critique by conservative Evangelical H. Wayne House re. Peck, "The Less Traveled Road and the Bible: A Scriptural Critique of the Philosophy of M. Scott Peck"


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