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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yes, Conspiracy Theorists ARE Crazy

Many people have given talks, and written articles and books about how "conspiracies" are a well-recognized legal principal, about documented conspiracies throughout history, and about the overwhelming evidence that some recent events were conspiracies.

But it has just dawned on me that - much of the time - the opposite approach might be more effective.

First, let me summarize the suggested approach, and then I'll explain why it works.

An Example

You start speaking about 9/11.

They guy you're talking with immediately says "Conspiracy theorists are crazy!"

Instead of getting defensive, you respond:
Yeah, conspiracy theorists are crazy. Little green men on the moon, and all that craziness. Some people are gullible!

But here, the 9/11 Commissioners themselves say the government lied about what happened on 9/11. The senior counsel to the 9/11 Commission - John Farmer - said
"At some level of the government, at some point in time...there was an agreement not to tell the truth about what happened".
And the co-chairs of the Commission - Republican Kean and Democrat Hamilton - said that the military's lies to the Commission were so bad that the Commission considered recommending criminal charges for willfully lying.

And ...
Why This Works

People make snap judgments about others. Salesmen, dating experts and trial lawyers tell you that first impressions are very important.

Moreover, people tend to like those who are like themselves. If you come across as being completely different, people will often take a dislike to you.

Moreover, the fear of being labeled a "conspiracy theorist" has been so thoroughly taught to the American public that many people automatically discard any theory that even sounds like a conspiracy theory.

Instead of trying to fight this wave, it is better to surf with it. If you start off by dissing crazy conspiracy theorists, and then launch into the authorities who say the official explanation cannot be true (such as this in regards to 9/11), then you will sidestep the whole us-versus-them defense against conspiracy theories.

And remember, there really are some crazy conspiracy theorists. Have you ever had street people yell at you that you killed Elvis, or that you and the CIA are out to get them or some other nutty thing?

Have you ever heard that claim by mass murderer that devil worshippers were broadcasting messages to kill into his skull?

Some people really are crazy, and crazy people tend to spout crazy theories.

You may know the facts so well that you know it is obvious that there was a conspiracy, and that anyone who doesn't see it is an idiot or a fool. But you have to look at things from the other guy's perspective. How does he know that you're not one of the crazies? Until you show him otherwise, he doesn't.

So you want to distinguish yourself right off the bat from these nutters, so that your listener can put you in the "not a nut" category in their mind.

This insight came to me today when I was speaking with an intelligent person about 9/11. He asked me "don't you think that a person who sees a picture of a frisbee and is convinced that it is a U.F.O. also thinks that everyone else is blind to the truth?"

His question made me realize that I had to distinguish myself from the frisbee person before he would listen to anything else I had to say. I could have mentioned the many psychiatrists and psychologists who say that those who question 9/11 are the sane ones, but - in a verbal conversation - there is not always time for that. Unless we instantly can distinguish ourselves as not-nuts, we may push the person we are trying to persuade into a defensive position of shutting out all "conspiracy theories".


  1. Pardon me, I try to be civil... yet, those who call those who see the New World Order are ASSHATS!! Take a look. Obama is trying to give the Federal Reserve - the banksters responsible for this crisis - oversight and dictatorial control over our businesses and economy. That completely alters our economic, thus political, system. It isn't communism where the state has dictatorial control (thus ownership power) over production - it's the New World Order with banksters in control of our economic/political system - bringing the manifestation of a supranatinoal elite of corporatists and bankers ruling the nations and the worlds. Asshats!! It's happening right before their eyes - and they don't see it - don't get it - and call it "crazy" and a "theory" as it functionally MANIFESTS right before their dull, sleep-laden, closed eyes. Pardon me for calling them asshats. But they have a whole lot of nerve calling those who know the facts and see the truth "crazy".

  2. P.S. I'm in sales. This approach works, I believe. I begin by stating the truth. "You know, there were numerous people I truly respect who are very credible who told me I should question 9/11." (there are a lot of loaded tools there to open a mind right away I won't detail.) Then I say, "You know, I really respected them, but I thought maybe that was a little "out there". (Shows you're not loopy... and is a truthful testimony) "But then this economic crisis happened, and I looked at some facts. The first thing I looked at was Building #7." Then I just give some basic facts and quote architectural and structural engineers - more expert credibility. Then, I refer them to watch certain things and listen to certain people. I don't overwhelm what they can hear - because overwhelm a peson - and though you're sane... it overloads their system. Just an approach. It's sincere on my part, truthful, and has proven effective. So, just sharing some examples of what has worked for me. I'm in sales and have been called the "best closer in the business". A method of presentation must not overwhelm with facts they cannot receive. If handled properly, you can lead most people right to explore the matter, imo, if you get the opportunity to make a brief presentation. Practice an "elevator speech" is what I would advise... and start telling everyone you see every chance you can your "elevator speech". Just some thoughts.

  3. Laura I also have an approach simular to yours and I find as U did that it is very effective.
    This approach works well and gets people to go investigate farther-George You are doing a fine job here my friend and you have my heartfelt gratitude.I am not a conspiracy theroist I am a 9/11 Truther and proud to be so

  4. Here's the problem friend. The premise of your article is tenuous. The frisbee example is a classic straw man, and straw, does not a good foundation make. It is however wise to distinguish yourself from the so called crazies, many of whom are either intelligence operatives or were nourished with information by them.
    The "conspiracy theorists are crazy" phrase more importantly, is an example of a thought terminating cliche. Its the earmark of a totalitarian society. On a very basic level, if conspiracy therorists are all crazy, then those who aren't are self delusional robotized slaves. History and the world is RIFE with conspiracies, most true, some exaggerated and some of course lies perpetrated by the very conspiracists, to discredit those who expose them.
    911 was a conspiracy. Repeat - 911 WAS A CONSPIRACY no matter who the perpetrators were. If you disagree, then you need a dictionary because you don't know the true meaning of the word.

  5. I CAN SEE HOW THIS CAN WORK - So good suggestion.

    I have also begun "agreeing" with the "prospect"

    1)Yes I agree that the FED should operate in secret, manipulate our financial system, and shouldn't be bothered by congress or the people.
    They must be smarter than all the rest of us because if we examine the rampant rate of inflation via devaluing the dollar... We can all agree that none of US could have ever gotten away with it.

    2) Yes, I agree that WTC 7 was the first and last skyscraper to fall from small office fires as NIST has reported. In fact, instead of using a controlled demolition or nano thermate to bring down the old Yankee Stadium... The city should just ignite some printer paper and office desks and watch the thing collapse into its foot print. Its more economical.


    "conspiracy DEBUNKER"

  6. Great tips. This is why it's so important to have a few 9/11 questions on hand to ask anyone at any time. Don't demand an answer -- just ask a few good questions and let them start to think about it more.

  7. The problem with the 9/11 conspiracy theories is that they require such a massive conspiracy, and would necessarily involve so many people, that it's difficult to believe that nobody with inside knowledge of the conspiracy would have spoken out. Look at Watergate. There were, what, seven people involved in the burglary? And they couldn't even keep that quiet. We're talking about air traffic controllers, the Strategic Air Command, the air force, the White House, those who planted the putative bombs... I just can't believe that many people can keep a secret.

    I have always suspected that the administration knew an attack was coming, and turned a blind eye to it because (as stated in the PNAC manifesto) they needed a "new Pearl Harbor" to mobilize support for their radical ideas. I don't want to believe that they had any idea how bad it would be, but I wouldn't put anything past them. Still, the idea that they were actively complicit in the attack and have managed to keep it secret for this long strains credulity.

  8. Rick, that is not necessarily true.

    See this.

  9. Frankly, if I were to take down the buildings, I'd have done a rust abatement and replacement of the fireproofing on key points, like the engineering floors in the WTC. THermates are not something most security dogs would trigger on, so it would not be difficult to spray down a substantial coating of the material, and you could use entirely unskilled and unknowing labor, as the stuff can be applied very similarly to spray concrete or a number of the fireproofing materials.

    You then hit the connection pins with small amounts of the same material, and you can heat the entire system up, weaking almost all of the key structural stabilizing supports. Access to the core columns for elevator/network upgrades makes it even easier.

    The last two weeks, you need to move in your detonators, so you'd have to move out the dogs. Given enough time (say after the 1994 bombing) one could lace the entire building with tons of the material... and nobody would be the wiser.

    High-energy thermitics (with a sharp, defined ignition temperature) would tend to self-propigate the detonation along contiguous pieces. You'd need a moisture barrier, any plasticized material would work (such as that commonly used for priming surfaces, then sealing the paint).

    Easiest floors to hit are engineering/mechanical, or floors that are shut down for refurbishing. I'd recommend seeing which WTC floors had fireproofing work done... if I were to subscribe to such conspiracy.

  10. I just tell people I understand how unbelievable it is that the US govt was complicit in 911 - and I used to feel that way myself. Until I looked at the evidence.

    But then I tell them I don't want to convince anyone - it is up to a person's own integrity and search for truth to look at the evidence and make up their own minds. I tell them to let me know if they need resources to examine. And I drop it.

    That puts the responsibility on them to decide whether they want to examine the evidence.

    Bottom line: you cannot convince anyone who is closed minded of anything. You can only help to open the door a crack for those whose minds can be opened.

    I don't control whether a person has intellectual integrity or not. But I can sure as hell point out that such a thing exists.

  11. I usually tell someone (some variation), I think it's horrible that ANYONE would say that a massive bloodbath on US soil, killing many Americans, would be LUCKY or even a MIRACLE, don't you? Yet someone did say that, it's part of the Congressional Record (Ron Paul read it in, Neoconned speech), and the person who said that is a featured EXPERT on terrorism giving us his advice and opinions on CNN and FOX, plus he was chosen by George W. Bush to be a national security consultant.

    Even though that was published by a PR firm, I'll bet this is the first you've heard of it, isn't it?

    How about the public relations and policy promotion firm that described a major attack on America -- a catastrophic and catalyzing event --- as absolutely VITAL to 'American interests'?

    Some of These guys were with the Defense Policy Board, directly advising the Pentagon.

    Sept 11 was official policy, not secret conspiracy. Some of these people say that lying to the Vulgar masses is an art, and very necessary for a successful leader, especially religious symbolism and patriotism, but also fear.

    How about the article written by Rush Limbaugh's colleagues stating that the FBI spent millions blowing up the WTC .... in 1993? Did you hear about any of that?

    Why not? Why is it not on the News?

    Did you hear about the dozen or so FBI agents and military personnnel who've gone public on 9-11, accusing the government of "obstruction and thwarting" them from stopping it. Did you hear about the military officer who trained the hijackers on language, who directly accused Bush of complicity? How about the guy who said they erased many terrabytes of data on Al-Qaeda in the US.

    How could we not ALL know all these things?

  12. all i know first commentor laura your a tinfoil hatted person with no common sense if the world is really being controlled by money then your very stupid you lose an eye a billion dollars aint gonna get you a new eye K? the goverment runs the miltary do they honestly need a billion conspriaces too make money too live a luxury filled life no tehy can enslave the world wenever they want with all these conspricy theroies about fraap and ovuln K? case closed im a banker and im not in any conspriacy theroy


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