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Friday, June 12, 2009

Propaganda: Not Limited to Fox News

History professor Joseph A. Palermo writes at Huffington Post:

Somewhere behind Glenn Beck's talking points there is real thinking going on. No one should dismiss Beck as a hack or "entertainer." He is a propagandist...

The television and radio producers behind Beck's shows are bright, highly educated Republican strategists at FOX News who are expert at calculating each talking point for the host to pull on the jingoistic heartstrings of his viewers. And it works...

Beck's good at what he does. I'm sure his viewers get fired up during every show.
I agree with Palermo.

Liberals like Huffington and Palermo are good at spotting propaganda on the right.

But Palermo's point applies to the left as well.

For example, polls show that Obama is very popular. With his quick smile and relaxed-but-intelligent personality, people still believe that Obama will bring change.

But - contrary to my hopes when I voted for him - his actions show that he is not going to bring change. Just like Beck, Obama is acting like a carefully scripted actor who is an expert at pushing people's emotional buttons.

In fact, Obama is continuing Bush's policies regarding torture, spying, indefinite detention without trial, war and economic policy.

Propaganda is not limited to Fox News.


  1. Thanks! I read you all the time but, sometimes think you can't see the faults of the Dems.

  2. there is no demarcation line any longer between the DINOCRATS and the GOP filth. They both are joined at the hip and put on bouts of 'kabuki theatre' to keep OUR EYES OFF THE BALL!

    anytime a blog owner or editor comes at you as a champion of the DEMS, he or she is either a propaganda shill for that party, or they are so lost in space without a helmet on that they cannot see the truth if it were written on their forehead when they look into the mirror.

    there's no difference in the parties. Both of them took this nation into a DICTATORSHIP and only their eradication will get us out of the DICTATORSHIP.

    it's that simple. vote DEM, and you vote for more GOP / DICTATORSHIP, because they are the same ideological group, and that main goal is to continue the subjugation of the people and continue the looting and the pillaging of the people. We The People deserve better than that!

  3. It's the roll out of the new campaign, the new meme is "hate." Those on the left who opposed Obama are already used to being accused of being "haters." Now, an incident like the one in Washington is blurred to include all kinds of people, notably in this case, the 9-11 truth movement.

    As the "left" is incited to feel righteous in their calls to round up those guilty of pre-crime, and the "right" is radicalized to perceive safety only in their guns, all us who are too conservative for the left and too liberal for the right can only keep asking, "Cui bono?"

  4. Unfortunately obombbomb is boosh on steroida. They are both puppets, only one wears armani

  5. Propaganda is subtle. Neither the Democrats or the Republicans are subtle.

    The big, definitional-propaganda is being sold wholesale by Hollywood, by every print media, taught in the schools, and prayed for in the churches. Everyone is its ignorance-inducing-victim.

    The big propaganda is first -that what is thought of as progress, -is progress, and second, -that there really are scientific solutions.

    Progress ain't anything like what it is cracked up to be.

    And as for scientific solutions, -science has no viable or veritable solutions. All of the solutions of science create ten times the problems the original scientific solution was meant to address.

    The promise of science, is that it would make life better...

    The day anyone can show me something better than life, I'll start believing in the promises of science.

  6. Despite the vain hope placed in Obama, the Democratic Party is, by no means, a reform minded liberal/progressive organization. Indeed, one look at Obama’s proposed 2010 ‘black budget’ military outlays, his stance on military tribunals and rendition, and his misguided economic policies that caved into and were co-opted by the banks, Wall St, AIG and GM ought to put to rest the notion that he he can transform the status quo.


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