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Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Future of Solar Energy

Must watch video on printable plastic solar power cells (and solar towers):

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  1. Beautiful creativity. However I prefer the idea of localized power production and consumption. So the first UCSB prof's idea is superior because you eliminate the cost of transporting the power to the consumer. This eliminates a huge cost, plus the plastic film power idea will be much cheaper as it becomes more ubiquitous. Plus you eliminate a lot of general danger concerns with safety, and you'll need to take over private or public lands. No, I like the cheap plastic film idea. Just build it into all buildings and cars.

  2. you know what your mom!!!! i cant read it cuz my coumputer will not show it!!

  3. Solar energy is the best natural resource that we have this time even more that fuel is too expensive. In fact i want to approach costa rica investment opportunities and look all the alternative this country can have because it climate. We must to find the way to save our planet and to use solar energy could be the first step.


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