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Friday, July 17, 2009

Did Cheney's Assassination Squad Operate on U.S. Soil?

Both Talking Points Memo and Raw Story are raising the possibility that Cheney's assassination squad operated on U.S. soil. Both news sites are basing their speculation on a statement in the Washington Post that the program "imposed no geographical limitations on the [CIA's] actions".

I have no idea whether or not TPM and Raw Story are right.

On March 10th, Pulitzer prize winning reporter Seymour Hersh said:

After 9/11, I haven’t written about this yet, but the Central Intelligence Agency was very deeply involved in domestic activities against people they thought to be enemies of the state. Without any legal authority for it. They haven’t been called on it yet. That does happen.

Hersh made that comment right before he described the government's foreign assassination program.

It is not clear yet whether or not the assassination squad operated on U.S. soil, as well as abroad.

However, as I have previously shown, both Congress and the public were previously briefed on the foreign assassinations, and the U.S. has - in fact - carried out such assassinations. So the "newly-disclosed", secret program could not have just been foreign murders, because it was not secret.

Everyone must demand to know whether the program included domestic assassinations. As Cenk Uygur notes, journalists have a duty to demand Cheney's hit list.

If those who know - Panetta, Congress members Anna Eshoo, Alcee Hastings, Rush Holt, Janice Schakowsky, Mike Thompson, John Tierney, etc. - refuse to answer, then people can find out (and practice a little real journalism) by asking the following:
Did the secret program include assassinations on U.S. soil? If you don't specifically and unambiguously deny it, I will take that as confirmation that it did.


  1. CIA Agent Gunned Down by Houston Police


  2. Who does one believe anymore? I don't believe our textbooks, wikipedia, our government, the AP or really anyone or anything else that I cannot prove to myself. Take everything with a grain of salt.

    Jesse Ventura talks about CIA implanted in State Government, his CIA interrogation and trip to Cuba!

  3. Of course it was a domestic program. Cheney proved a long time ago NOTHING would stop him from his goals. Legal constraints are meaningless to Satan himself...those you mention are quiet because they don't want to be the next ones to be "Connelled".

  4. There has been speculation about the strange happenings around the Anthrax incident. The suspect suicide , the scientist who disappeared off the bridge for a few.

    Do I think Cheney is capable , well, I believe he would sell his Mama to Obamma to achieve his ends.

  5. "Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts... perhaps the fear of a loss of power." John Steinbeck

  6. Specifically, I'd like to know if Dr. Eugene Mallove was on that list....
    ( http://www.infinite-energy.com )

  7. Good post !!!! very good blog . nice article.i like that.



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