“Nothing Will Change -- Nothing -- Until We Tear down the Sign [the Financial Elites Have] Placed on Government -- the One That Reads, ‘For Sale.’" → Washingtons Blog
“Nothing Will Change -- Nothing -- Until We Tear down the Sign [the Financial Elites Have] Placed on Government -- the One That Reads, ‘For Sale.’" - Washingtons Blog

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

“Nothing Will Change -- Nothing -- Until We Tear down the Sign [the Financial Elites Have] Placed on Government -- the One That Reads, ‘For Sale.’"

Veteran journalist and former LBJ speechwriter Bill Moyers has the quote of the day, from an excellent article on government and media corruption:

Nothing will change -- nothing -- until the money lenders are tossed out of the temple, the ATM's are wrested from the marble halls, and we tear down the sign they've placed on government -- the one that reads, "For Sale."
For background, see this and this.


  1. It's illegal for the government to collect information arbitrarily on its citizens. So they just contract the job out to a private company and presto... "nice and legal". That means the government AND the corporations have your data. You can't send out a town hall committee to negotiate with Genghis Khan and you can't stop the ownership society from rolling over your freedom with an angry objection emailed to your Congressman's shredder. Nearly all meaningful and lawful avenues of action before us have been redirected, disbanded or de-clawed. And the "zero tolerance policy" so successfully trialed in NY by Rudolph "Mein 911 Kampf" Giulliani has been enthusiastically embraced now completely on a global scale in the West and its designed to get you on the books. By hook or by crook. So don't even step once off the pavement coz thats a taserin'. I often wondered why so many victims in history have meekly walked to their own slaughter without a fight. And I understand now. It's done by degrees. Like the famous boiled frog. See you on the dark side.

    I'd consider it a frikkin' honor to have the government put a little asterisk next to my name. Means I'm doing something right. Coz all what they're doing is WRONG. You've gotta remember all the truly profitable, mainline criminality is built into the system. Corporate executives are all in favor of more public security cameras and rent-a-cops. Keeps 'em safe. They're never going to contemplate stealing food from the local convenience store. All their heists take place behind legally mandated walls of confidentiality on the 54th floor and up where no cop has ever set foot (and never will). Basically, 12 businessmen walk into a room, close the door for privacy, hammer out some deal to their collective profitable benefit and then all come out of the room smiling. And then we're screwed for the next few $100 million that comes along.

    Naturally, in the interests of leveraging both ends of the money pipe, they think nothing of pushing their underlings to do an hour or two extra work in free overtime. That's a good $30+ of value at least. Now how about we reverse that? Say you walk into the 7-11 where you've bought hundreds of dollars of goods over the year and decide you need a "gratis" Mars bar coz your a little shy right then of the $1.50 needed change. You know. A short notice thing. Unavoidable - just like the Manager explains to the hapless grunt late on the Friday afternoon before he escapes home. No big deal. Oops. Bzzzt... You're twitching the Taser Tango on the pavement and spending the next day in jail with a criminal record intensely detailing every "antisocial" act, all available in instant electronic recall by any of some tens of thousands of government officials for the rest of your life. An endless perp. Stealing the Mars bar is wrong. But so is free work (overtime). If the company needs you to "stay on" a little longer most days then HIRE ANOTHER FCKING WORKER and help solve the economic crisis a little...

    But this would be "socialism" in many's eyes. Actually, you know what? It would be Capitalism. The working kind. That existed 50 years ago.

  2. Short of a revolution it won't be done. Perhaps that's why some of the forecasters are saying a revoultion is coming and soon.

  3. Great blog as always.

    BTW, I copied your post on banks running the country. I added to the post then added a poll.

    98 votes, 89 voted in agreement, that banks run the country.

    Ref: Poll: Banks Run the Country

    July 07, 2009


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  5. This is all very well but against the powerful rich and their Governments,armed forces and police there is little we can do.


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