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Monday, July 13, 2009

Did the Swine Flu Escape from a Lab?

National Public Radio notes that Professor John Oxford at St. Bart's and the Royal London Hospital says that the 1957 H1N1 pandemic probably started when it escaped from a lab:

"We reckon now, in retrospect, it was probably released accidentally from a laboratory, probably in northern China or just across the border in Russia, because everyone was experimenting with those viruses at the time in the lab." It was nothing malicious, Oxford believes, just some flu vaccine research that broke out of containment.
Similarly, Bloomberg notes:
Some scientists have speculated that the 1977 Russian flu, the most recent global outbreak, began when a virus escaped from a laboratory.
In 2005, scientists thawed out samples of the 1918 flu and tested it. A new study says that the current swine flu is very similar to the 1918 flu, and that people who lived through the 1918 epidemic have immunity to the current flu.

Leading flu expert Adrian Gibbs believes the current swine flu may have escaped from a lab.

It is also interesting that 2 of the 3 flu pandemics of the last century - the 1918 Spanish Flu and the 1976 swine flu scare - both started at military bases. Specifically, the 1918 flu started at Fort Riley, Kansas. The 1976 swine flu started - and never spread beyond - Fort Dix, New Jersey. It is unclear whether or not those bases conducted defensive biowarfare research.


  1. The flu was deliberately released just look at Indonesia where the flu was mutating once every two months and this went on for a number of years, way faster than norm according to many experts. There is even someone who blew the lid off what really happened in Mexico and here in the USA that it was released on purpose and done with the help of a lab here in the U.S. thats on the east cost and the people in CDC and our government knows all about it as the higher up's are in on it

  2. Hey - compeletly off topic & sorry... but does anyone know what happened to the Zero Hedge site. It was down. Then up. Then down. Now back up but the ONLY 07/13 post made today has been removed. (And you know these guys post like a machine.) There are no Tweets. Just weirdness. Anyone got a clue?

  3. This ties right into the stories about the rash of deaths among microbiologists a couple of years ago.

  4. Someone answer me this...seems virus can not be killed by antibiotics or other medicine, those who have released these virus on us, how are they going to protect themselves? Or in other words how do you control a virus from not killing you if you are intentional using it.

  5. I wonder why is the 1976 outbreak called the Russian flu when it started in New Jersey? Or did I miss anything?

    Also, why do they speculate that the swine flu started in China or Russina, when the 1st known cases were in Mexico and USA? Kinda don't get it.


  6. You bet you guys missed something. Go to FLUscam dot com.


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