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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Scientists 1 | Martians 0

You know that "face on mars" (top photo).

Here (bottom photo) is what it really looks like:

Scientists 1 | Martians 0.

Note, I am not taking any position on the possibility of extra-terrestrial life. I am solely commenting on this one formation on Mars.


  1. I'm not a believer in the "face" myself, however, the image at the bottom is generated by 3D imaging software. Take a flat photo of a real human face & put it thro the same software, & you'll also get something unrecognizable, not like a human face at all. So, this is not proof of anything, either way.

  2. George, have you ever looked into the research of serious people who contrast our government's "official story" with the evidence? It seems not when you present the government's evidence without question nor context. For your consideration, over 400 expert witnesses, mostly government and military with the Disclosure Project: , the best summary I've found anywhere from Fred Burks and , and I also recommend best-selling author Jim Marrs' book Alien Agenda and this interview from Project Camelot: . As a high school social science teacher, I composed a critical thinking case study lesson - just click on my name to access - that looks at the strongest evidence for the government's position and counter-government in three areas: 9/11, JFK assassination, and UFO existence. I know you're busy, George, but if you haven't checked this topic out, I'm with Jim Marrs on this: without understanding the ET connection you can't understand the big picture of what's really going on. Thank you for provoking my response to all who have not yet explored this area :)

  3. Actually, it "really" looks like BOTH pictures, since both are authentic. A face from the side is still a face. Naturally formed or otherwise, it still looks like a g-damn face!

  4. The bottom photo looks doctored. Don't be too quick to award those points.

  5. I am not taking any position on the possibility of extra-terrestial life. I am solely commenting on this one formation on Mars.

  6. We used to incarnate on Mars before it was destroyed. There are pyramids and other structures on it as well.

    Official First Contact is right around the corner. That will blow a huge hole in all the lies we have been told throughout History. The Truth about our real History and our Galactic Family will come out soon.

    Open your mind and open your heart...Namaste

  7. Ha. Thank God for some sanity above what is wanted to be believed.

    I'll go with Keel's verdict in Operation Trojan Horse regarding the E.T. phenomenon...that and head scratching disinfo to derail real investigation of real issues.

  8. Everyone does it. I know many conspiracy theorists who BECOME IDENTICAL to their own enemies when THEIR pet topic comes up. How many 9-11 Truthers use the IDENTICAL METHODS of their own enemies when something comes up, like which of the Moon Landing photos were taken from the movie set, because the real ones were of such poor quality, and the fake ones were HOLLYWOOD PERFECT? Mar's face is same thing. Maybe it is, or maybe it is not. ANY IDIOT (nearly all always do) do nothing but use the gambler's edge method. If something is UNLIKELY, you bet against it, that is what Gambling is like. No one needs anyone to tell them that UNLIKELY THINGS ARE UNLIKELY. Gee, no kidding. Either you make up your own mind, OR SOMEONE DOES IT FOR YOU.

  9. Maybe the face can be explained away, but what of the other landmark features of Cydonia on mars? (pyramid structures that line up with those in Egypt here on earth).

  10. I don't understand the significance of this. Whether naturally-occuring or made by another life form...

    It's over now. The life forms that might have made it aren't there anymore, and they're not OUR history on this planet... so why do we care?

    Seems to me, we should focus on things on OUR ball of mud and get those histories set correctly first...

  11. Dear Namaste...

    I understand finally meeting our Space Brothers must be near and dear to your heart, but in respect to any structures on Mars and the Moon, what if we built them? That might explain all of this sneaking around our 'Galactic Family' is doing...


    Your Interstellar Uncle.

  12. That's pretty old news.

  13. ummmm.... why are you posting about 10 year old data?

  14. I'd be careful about making fun of this. If you believe in evolution, what's to keep intelligent life from evolving on a world which at one time was as habitable as Earth? Isn't that to be expected?

  15. Ah, but I do NOT believe in evolution. Life, intelligent or otherwise, has not evolved on Mars or Earth or anywhere else, for that matter.

  16. Remember when NASA sent a probe to Mar and that one of its objectives was to examine the area where the "face" was? NASA had *always* provided a live feed 24/7 during such missions -- but not that time, not that initial flyover of the "face" site.

    I don't buy into the "face" idea, but it was suspicious that NASA didn't provide a live feed.

  17. To my knowledge NASA *never* provided live feed 24/7 during such missions, so what the cuck are you talking about.

    ps I believe in aliens and evolution

  18. The problem for 'proof from the side' is that there is likely to be erosion on any formation on Mars over any fairly long amount of time. Is it a face? The answer probably won't be sure until we actually go and visit the thing.

  19. I feel sorry for all the people who have no curiosity, or imagination.
    When you are willing to see that the world is not at all what you think; you will see just how insignificant, selfish, and stupid us humans are.

    Maria Mitchell:
    We especially need imagination in science,"
    "Question everything."

  20. I think the bigger question is.....Do Aliens have any impact on human governments? And if so, how are they using they're influence? What is the agenda for the human race?

    I have never seen a UFO.

    But it doesn't take much research to see that the government has spent billions covering them up.

  21. I examined this face in detail. There are striations around the base that travel up the sides of the face in channels. If you look at the details (and perhaps understand Plasma Mechanics or Electric Discharge Machining) in a good photograph, the natural formation is obvious.

  22. Imagine the collective amount of wasted time that has been spent on this nonsense.

  23. Nonsense to those who cannot see outside the box.

    I do believe that the Mars face has been made by some civilization of the past (probably our great great... grandfathers).

    Look at the picture links below. Let it sink in, the truth of the matter. I also put in pictures and text of Iaepetus, a Robot Head found in Shorter crater, Dome on the moon picture by LCROSS/Centaur space probe presently orbiting the moon, asteroid 2867 Steins. And there are some pictures of glass structures on the moon but I don't have the links at present (goto for those)

    first click on the link.
    Wait for it to download.
    THen click on the face to make it bigger.

    This is one of the best pictures.

    Here is more:

    I am convinced that these are all artificial. Our ancestors were on Mars, the Moon, Iaepetus (moon of Saturn) and certainly other places.

    There is some proof of a cosmic war about 70 million years ago. Not conclusive but it would explain a lot of the above and the exploded planet between Mars and Jupiter.

    Read the book "Cosmic War" by Joseph Farrell.

    Read "Dark Mission: secret history of NASA" by Richard Hoagland. He has a new edition coming out in a few months. I would wait to buy that one.

  24. It's incredibly obvious to me that humans are the Crown of Creation of this universe, and anyone who challenges this orthodoxy is a vile heretic.

  25. It's incredibly obvious to me that humans are the Crown of Creation of this universe, and anyone who challenges this orthodoxy is a vile heretic.
    YOUR a Jack Ass

  26. I think the first picture is a true picture.

    There could have been older civilizations on earth that we don't know about that were able to travel in space. There could have been a civilization on Mars that was destroyed by a flyby of a comet which took the atmosphere off the planet. Who knows? Somebody does. Knowledge is power and TPTB aren't going to give any of it to the people, even though the acquisition of it via research was paid for by our tax $$$$.

    I also think the federal government has taken tax money from the people, which is constitutionally illegal, and used that money to put bases on the moon AND Mars for military purposes and has suppressed that knowledge from the general public.

  27. Check this out: benevolent messages from Mars, Master Ching Hai affirms that martians DO exist, they live underground... see for yourself... Who knows?!
    The thing I liked most is their "internet service" which must be really high speed...

  28. AHHH fool me ..... so its God's face in the clouds I see each day .... and hears me thinking its was just water vapour blowing in the wind,.... you retards are all just to funny.
    Some of you scary people even sound like those other loonies you killed themselves while waiting for ET to pick them up in their comet spaceship ?? ... they say "Ignorance is bliss" and it sure shows here you are all a very happy bunch .. ROFLOL

  29. If anyone would like to see Mars like you've never seen it, before ... by all means, look at the latest entry in my own blog. The photos will surprise you. And, in at least the case of the ESA images, they are undeniably real and official. Keep an open mind... but, by all measure, even the most hardened skeptic will be grasping for words.

  30. For the seekers. Better have your socks tied to your feet.

    Please look at the photographs and read the text.

    Utterly Mind-boggling. Enjoy.

    Glass Structures on the moon

    A Robot head found in Shorty's crater - Apollo 11

    6 pages but it will blow your socks off

    Crinoid lifeforms on Mars

    The asteroid the ESA went out of its way to photograph. Diamond shaped.

    NASA is covering up all of these.

    Why ? Its the modus operandi of the elites. Retard science (history of the last 1500 years of the Venetian Black Nobility).

    DOn't let the useless eaters have the uptodate science. Don't let them know about their real history. Keep all the physics and other science discoveries for themselves. He who controls the physics controls big parts of civilization.

    The elites are in control of NASA just like they were in control of the 911, JFK, Oklahoma City investigations.

    But thank god some of the real stuff leaks thru. You cannot keep every NASA employee quiet.

  31. anyone here - a eclectic bunch for sure ever hear of DEW? Directed Energy Weapons - friends debate me about this and 911 - are these people loons or is there ANY truth to this technology - even alien-based. Lokis July 21 09


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