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PhD Economist: The Feds are Worse than the Mafia - Washingtons Blog

Monday, July 27, 2009

PhD Economist: The Feds are Worse than the Mafia

Eliot Spitzer's comment that the Fed is a "ponzi scheme" is newsworthy.

But even more dramatic is PhD economist Marc Faber's comment:

The Feds are worse than the Mafia.

See this.


  1. Yes, yes, yes. -The Monetary Mafia.

    But which would you prefer?

    A centralized Monetary Mafia?

    -Or a system of localized Monetary Warlords?

    That is the only likely replacement. A slew of Charlie Rangels and Chuckie Shumers.

    Elected government has proven its worth in the fiscal arena many times over.

    Here's a better question.

    Other than the Chinese -Who in this world wants to see the Yuan become the world's reserve currency?

    The Americans are a--holes, sure. But the Chinese... Well, -they're not the Americans are they.

    The dollarization of the world's economy is right on pace.

    Go head curse me -as you quote me.

  2. the us constitution gave the most power in government to congress...because congress is elected every 2 years, it answers most closely to the people...

    the right to declare war was given to congress and so was the right to print money.

    Jefferson and the founding fathers were wise in their design and their advice...

    Truth, Liberty, and Peace in that order or none will last long without the others

    Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple and was crucified...Satan offered dominion of the world if he would bow down before appears the Rothschilds took that deal


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