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Monday, July 6, 2009

The Powers-That-Be Don't Have Enough Money to Keep the Matrix Running

As I previously noted:

Stalin said that dictatorships only last so long as the dictators keep their people well-fed. Americans have been strongly motivated not to question the government because they have been led to believe that if they just follow the party line, they'll get nice jobs, make a bundle of dough, buy into "the American dream". A crash has the possibility to awaken Americans from their dangerously cozy nap. It has the potential to get Americans to open their eyes and start questioning the lies they have been told ....

The revelations that Goldman Sachs is manipulating the market and that the Federal Reserve banks are private - not government - institutions are coming out now because the U.S. is going broke, and doesn't have enough money to to keep the matrix running. (Of course, it is also harder to cover up manipulations which are orders of magnitude greater than ever before attempted).

Indeed, Goldman is probably the key player on the plunge protection team and similar government schemes to manipulate the markets. So the fact that Goldman's shenanigans are starting to leak out - despite the government's best efforts to keep the whole enchilada secret - is dramatic.

The American Treasury has been looted (the big banks and financial institutions got the loot), the dollar is losing its status as the world's reserve currency, and the mountain of debt overhanging our economy threatens to bury any hope of recovery.

Dictatorships only last so long as the dictators keep their people well-fed and distracted, but the current financial "dictators" don't have enough spare cash keep distracting people with "bread and circuses".

So the truth is starting to leak out in a big way.


  1. For at least 45 years the Fed has been saying very prominently that the Fed banks are owned by commercial banks. It is not like anyone has been trying to keep it a secret.

  2. You have some great posts today. Thank you for your great work.


  3. That may be true. But if you walk up to ten Americans on the street nine will say it is a government institution not a private one owned by banks.

  4. Cozy nap? Try Coma. Not a damn thing will come of this GS debacle. GS and the FED are in charge, not Americans. Besides, America doesn't care and won't until ALL welfare benefits are exhausted, beer runs out, children go hungry and the cable's shut off. That could take 2 more years. Senate Blocked Paul's Bill To Audit The Fed all everyone cared about is Michael Jackson.

  5. While ownership of the Fed is not a secret, approach any coworker, fellow student, housewife and ask them if the Federal Reserve is a branch of the government. A majority of americans believe that it is.

  6. The point is that after 45 years people are finally taking notice of what that means and how it affects them.

  7. The PTB will have a REAL BIG problem IF the heavily armed American Sheeple "wake up" and figure out they've been thoroughly hosed for 100 years.

    That's why their plan NOW is to keep the sheeple occupied/entertained with a series of Celebrity Deaths, Audit the FED nonsense and the usual assortment of distractions until they can ELIMINATE 200 to 300 MILLION Americans with "flu shots" this fall.

    People can't/won't bitch about being homeless and jobless, and they certainly are NOT going to "revolt" if they are in MASS GRAVES.

    "WAKE UP...Oops too late"

  8. well partially true, but when most are unaware that todays "money", which are really promissary notes, since 1933, is vapour and that one cannot pay a debt with a debt note...and when the fed jsut prints more of their vapour immoral dough to keep fooling the's going to be hard to have any kind of accountability...the problem is not money in itself, it's how it is issued and if usury (any interest) is attached to it

  9. um...they ARE the money....and most are totally clueless how the system works...and by the way, they got idiots carrying guns to tow the line without asking...all they care about is their paycheque so....

  10. How will they force the flu shots and how can one evade them ?

  11. Our Government is setup for Martial Law. All that needs to happen is for people to revolt and then comes in a Dictatorship. Nice Plan uh? I heard about it in the 90's from a family I was in who are directly involved in the Coup.
    Marty Didier
    Northbrook, IL

  12. This is why I have been hoping for a crash for a long time.

    As for the government cracking down with martial law, they don't seem to be doing too well controlling the population in Iraq with military force. Only buying off the militant groups with cash has helped stop the violence. When the cash flow stops, the violence will resume. This government and their military are functionally incapable of defeating any enemy larger that the country of Grenada.


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