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Its No Secret that the Banks Own the Government - Washingtons Blog

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Its No Secret that the Banks Own the Government

It is no secret that the banks own the U.S. government. For example:

  • Collin Peterson, Chairman of the Agriculture Committee, said: “The banks run the place ... I will tell you what the problem is — they give three times more money than the next biggest group. It’s huge the amount of money they put into politics.”
Of course, not all banks are equal. For example, Goldman Sachs clearly has a leading role.


  1. I say all patriotic Americans pull their money out of the large banks. Like all at the same time.


    Let them collapse.

  2. I'm interested in peoples idea about how all this will end - Get back to me...

  3. My favorite crystal ball wizards are predicting this will end up in the streets perhaps as early as this September. One can imagine several topics that could bring this to happen. What ever is the straw that will break the camel's back it will not be pleasant for lots of people

  4. Laura Lee
    Considering that banks create money out of thin air, I am not sure that a mass withdrawal would have much of an effect.

  5. Apparently this is what they mean by "customer service" Take one for the team, bankers...

  6. How do the Banks own us when we keep borrowing from China? I thought if anybody owned us it would be China or the Unions.


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